Tasha Cares Solutions

Sexual Trauma Life Coaching: Recover, Reclaim and Recreate your Life

I Specialize in helping women recover from the #1 form of child abuse: Father-Daughter Sexual Abuse

How To Get Started

  • Join My Private Free Facebook Group: The Purple Key Club™ Women Survivors of Childhood Father-Daughter Sexual Abuse

    You'll get free tips, training and resources to help you on your healing journey.

  • Come Ready to learn

If you've been praying for some relief from the old trauma come with an open mind and be ready to try something different.

  • You Hold The Key to Your Healing

No longer will you be using your house key to open your car door!! You'll learn the keys you need to unlock the vault to your healing!

Here's How I Can Help

This group is specifically created for busy, married, working mothers who’ve experienced childhood sexual abuse from their biological fathers, and seeking the keys to unlock and heal completely from the trauma.

You will be taught how to find the treasure in the trauma so you can live with true freedom and happiness.

NOTE: If you experienced other forms of sexual abuse and you’re desperately seeking healing & transformation you are welcome to join!